WASHINGTON (September 22, 2014)— More than 120 heads of state will converge in New York City on September 23, 2014 for the United Nations’ Climate Summit. The Summit — the largest gathering in history of heads of state on the issue of climate change — will serve as a platform for countries and companies to put forward new initiatives to help usher in a low-carbon economy.

Following is a statement by Andrew Steer, President & CEO, World Resources Institute:

“On Sunday, hundreds of thousands of people sent a resounding message for action on climate change. With growing evidence that we can have economic growth and climate action together, world leaders should realize that tackling climate change is both politically and economically beneficial.

“Fortunately, there’s much we can do: We can slow deforestation, accelerate restoration of degraded landscapes, design more compact cities, reduce water risks, invest in renewable energy, and put a price on carbon. We can agree on a strong universal climate agreement that will level the playing field for all countries and send the right signals to financial markets.

“Excuses for inaction have run out. The Summit can be a major milestone, but only if it delivers the real world changes that we need. It’s up to the leaders in New York and around the world to embrace strategies that will shift the trajectory so that people everywhere can enjoy an economically strong, climate safe future.”

Photo credit: United Nations, Flickr