WASHINGTON (March 16, 2017) - Today President Trump released his blueprint for America’s budget, with the two hardest hit agencies being the Environment Protection Agency and the State Department – with cuts amounting to 31% and 29% respectively. The budget includes a call to eliminate 3,200 staff positions in the EPA, which is over 20 percent of the department. It would also completely eliminate the Global Climate Change Initiative, which is how the U.S. offers bilateral or smaller multilateral climate-related assistance, and zeroes out contributions to UN climate change programs such as the Green Climate Fund and the Climate Investment Fund.

Following is a statement from Manish Bapna, Managing Director, World Resources Institute:

“The latest budget continues the administration’s shocking disregard for priorities that are critical for people’s health and the economy. The U.S. government must have the resources to protect air, water and people’s health at home. It must also have the tools to advance U.S. diplomatic and strategic interests overseas.

“By slashing funding for communities most in need, the administration risks jeopardizing America’s security in strategically critical parts of the world. Funding to the State Department and USAID are essential not only for people’s well-being but also for advancing U.S. priorities in conflict-prone and fragile regions. As we face one of the worst humanitarian crises since World War II, with nearly 20 million people at risk of starvation, this is no time to be turning our backs on the world.

“The government should also invest in American innovation, especially to accelerate the clean energy revolution that is already reducing pollution and creating more domestic jobs.

“The administration should respect science and continue to respond to the growing impacts of climate change, which is understood by the scientific and security communities alike. Human-caused climate change is already contributing to severe droughts and food shortages and accelerating the migration of people. Slashing climate and clean energy funds will undermine U.S. business and diplomatic interests and lead to greater security risks for us all.

“It’s now up to Congress to restore funding, recognizing that America’s economic and security interests are intertwined with the well-being of people and the planet.”