GLASGOW (November 2, 2021)—Today, more than 100 countries signed the Global Methane Pledge covering nearly half of global methane emissions and 70% of global GDP. Countries signing the pledge are committed to collectively reduce methane emissions by at least 30% by 2030, relative to 2020 levels. Delivering on the Pledge would avoid 0.2°C of warming by 2050.  
Following is a statement from Ani Dasgupta, President & CEO, World Resources Institute: 

“Fast action to reduce methane emissions is essential to keep the 1.5°C goal within reach. With so many countries on board, this commitment can make a real difference in the rate of temperature rise. If we don’t take action on methane, we will blow through dangerous temperature thresholds even faster.  
“Meeting the Global Methane Pledge targets will play a crucial role in slowing global warming. Methane is the second most abundant human-caused greenhouse gas and is over 80 times more powerful than carbon dioxide over 20 years in the atmosphere. Because it is potent but exists for only a relatively short time in the atmosphere, cutting methane can quickly limit near-term temperature rise.  
“Never before have countries come together to tackle this key part of the climate puzzle.  
“The next step is for countries to put the pledge in motion with serious policies across agriculture, energy and waste. Solutions to tackle methane are readily available, cost-effective and bring wins for climate and development.”