WASHINGTON (July 25, 2018)—Today the United States Environmental Protection Agency unveiled a proposal that would freeze vehicle fuel economy standards at 2020 levels and revoke California’s authority to issue its own standards for vehicle emissions, including zero emission vehicle sales requirements.

Following is a statement from Dan Lashof, Director, WRI United States:

“There is simply no good reason — economic, health, technological or otherwise — for the Trump Administration to halt progress on vehicle emission standards that the automobile industry agreed to in 2012. If this proposal goes forward it will increase carbon pollution from transportation, the largest source of emissions in the United States, and result in consumers paying more at the pump while putting more Americans’ health at risk.

“Rather than spur investments to meet the growing global demand for cleaner, more efficient vehicles, this proposal will lead to years of litigation and uncertainty, putting American manufacturers at a competitive disadvantage. Furthermore, attempting to revoke California’s greenhouse gas standards runs directly counter to the Administration’s professed support for states’ rights, and undermines their ability to help achieve America’s climate pledge.”