WASHINGTON (September 16, 2020)--The Business Roundtable (BRT), an association of chief executive officers from more than 200 leading companies, across every economic sector, with more than 15 million employees and generating more than $7.5 trillion in annual revenues, issued a call for ambitious action on climate change. In Addressing Climate Change: Principles and Policies, BRT calls on the federal government, including Congress, to enact climate policies in line with the US commitment to the Paris Agreement. In addition to recognizing that many complementary policies will be needed, the BRT endorses market mechanisms, such as a price on carbon, to advance action. In the report, BRT says, “the United States should adopt a more comprehensive, coordinated and market-based approach to reduce emissions.”

Following is a statement from Dr. Andrew Steer, President & CEO, World Resources Institute:

“CEOs from leading corporations are making it clear that we have no time to waste when it comes to enacting policies to deal with the present and growing threat of climate change.

“Among its recommendations, Business Roundtable expresses support for market mechanisms as a necessary component of policies to address climate change in a manner that is both good for business and the US economy. This is consistent with WRI’s recent research that finds enacting ambitious policies to decarbonize the economy is not only compatible with economic growth, but necessary for long-term growth and international competitiveness.

“In referencing the Paris Agreement, these CEOs are reinforcing the message that addressing climate change should follow a science-based and globally cooperative approach.

“It’s important for these CEO’s to align their lobbying efforts with their public statement to follow-through the vision they’ve put forward. As the world watches wildfires burn and hurricanes strike US shores, US leaders in business and government should push for ambitious climate action that will make the country stronger and re-position it as a leader on this critical challenge.”