DUBAI (December 2, 2023) - Today, 117 countries pledged to triple the world’s renewable energy capacity and double energy efficiency by 2030. 
Following is a statement from Jennifer Layke, Global Energy Director, World Resources Institute:

“The widespread support for this declaration demonstrates that renewable energy has moved from the sidelines to center stage. Tripling annual renewable energy capacity over the next six years would be the single largest step the world can take toward achieving our global climate goals.

“Achieving this aim can reduce the need for countries to maintain old, polluting power plants and offers major knock-on benefits, including cleaner air, less use of fossil fuels and greater incentives to adopt energy-efficient electric vehicles and heat pumps. 

“Wealthy countries must do much more to finance affordable renewable energy around the world. While renewables are the cheapest energy option for most people, high upfront costs and interest rates often put wind and solar out of reach for developing countries. 

“Ramping up renewable energy and improving efficiency alone cannot address the climate crisis. At COP28, it is crucial for all countries to also commit to rapidly and equitably transition away from fossil fuels, and action must be taken on energy efficiency, transport, and industry.  

“This declaration cannot take the pressure off reaching consensus on ambitious commitments within the climate negotiations themselves to secure a clean energy future. All countries need to be part of the energy transition – no one can opt out.”