WASHINGTON (April 27, 2017) — International climate negotiators will soon meet for the first time this year at the UNFCCC intersessional on Bonn, Germany (May 8-18). In Bonn, negotiators will continue making progress on a range of rules and processes – or “rulebook” - for how countries will implement the Paris Agreement on climate change and explore ways to go further and faster. The complex but crucial “rulebook” will offer clarity to country decision makers and is intended to be finalized by the end of 2018.

On Wednesday, May 3 at 10:30 am EDT / 4:30 CEST, World Resources Institute will host a press teleconference featuring experts who will reflect on what to expect from the negotiations, how these negotiations fit into global efforts to increase climate action globally. Experts will also zero in on hot topics from climate finance and pre-2020 progress reports to shifting geo-politics and the anticipated announcement from United States on its Paris climate commitments.


Press call with WRI experts on what to expect from the UNFCCC Climate Change Conference in Bonn, Germany


Wednesday, May 3, at 10:30am (EDT) / 4:30pm (CEST)


Paula Caballero, Global Director, Climate Program, World Resources Institute

Yamide Dagnet, Senior Associate, International Climate Action, World Resources Institute

Joe Thwaites, Associate, Finance Center, World Resources Institute

David Waskow, Director, International Climate Action, World Resources Institute will be available for questions


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