Embargoed Press Call for Global Forest Watch 2018 Tree Cover Loss Data

WASHINGTON — Each year, World Resources Institute’s Global Forest Watch (GFW) releases annual tree cover loss data, revealing the amount of forest lost around the world. What happened to the world’s forests in 2018? How much tree cover did Brazil, Indonesia and the Democratic Republic of Congo lose? What emerging hot spots and trends do GFW’s experts see?

Join an embargoed press call with forest experts around the world to preview GFW's 2018 tree cover loss data and analysis on Tuesday, April 23 at 10:00 AM ET/16:00 CEST, hosted by WRI.

With shifting political leadership in forest-rich tropical countries and 2020 zero-deforestation commitments looming, this year’s look at how the world is managing our forests is particularly timely.

The much-anticipated satellite-based tree cover loss data, analyzed by the University of Maryland, is strictly embargoed for Thursday, April 25 at 00:01 AM EDT/6:01 AM CEST, when it will be live on globalforestwatch.org.

NOTE: Embargoed copies of the 2018 data, analysis, images and graphics are available upon request. The content of the press call and all data are embargoed.


Embargoed press call on Tuesday, April 23 at 10:00 AM ET/16:00 CEST



  • Frances Seymour, Distinguished Senior Fellow, WRI

  • Dr. Ir. R.A. Belinda Arunarwati Margono, Director of Forest Resources Inventory and Monitoring, Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry

  • Mikaela Weisse, Global Forest Watch Manager, WRI

  • Caroline Winchester, Global Forest Watch Research Analyst, WRI

  • Moderator: Lauren Zelin, Media Relations Manager, WRI

Respondents (Available for Q&A):

  • Rachel Biderman, Director, WRI Brazil

  • Hidayah Hamzah, Research Analyst, WRI Indonesia

  • Liz Goldman, Global Forest Watch GIS Research Associate, WRI


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To RSVP or request embargoed 2018 data, analysis and graphics, please email Ally Friedman, ally.friedman@wri.org