You may notice that is sporting a bold, new look today. That’s right—we’ve redesigned our website!

We hope this much-needed redesign will better display our wealth of research products and resources, as well as improve the user experience. Read on for more information about why we redesigned—and how the new website will benefit you!

Why a Redesign?

WRI has grown significantly over the past four years—and so has our web content. We now have hundreds of publications; an ever-expanding set of maps, data sets, charts, and infographics; 1,200 blog posts; and more than 6,000 web pages. These products are rich with vital information for business leaders, policy makers, civil society groups, and other decision-makers. We needed a new look and structure to make this array of resources more accessible.

How Does the Redesign Benefit You?

We focused on making the new more visual, navigable, and user-friendly than our previous site. In particular, visitors can:

  • Search by Topic: Our new design organizes our content into the nine issue areas in which we work—climate, energy, food, forests, water, cities and transport, business, finance, and governance. Visitors can easily find content on issues that directly relate to their work and interests. Visitors can also access our full project directory and an interactive map of where we work.

  • Use Mobile Devices: Our new website is 21st-century friendly. Our responsive design allows for better viewing and navigation on mobile devices like smart phones and tablets.

  • Access More Resources: The full breadth of WRI’s research products weren’t readily accessible on the old site. The new site makes it easy to find WRI’s publications, charts and graphs, data sets, data visualizations, maps, videos, and presentations. We invest a lot of time into our research and communications products—we want you to use them!

  • Read our Blog on Our staff experts’ blog, Insights, used to live on its own website. We’ve brought it home, making our valuable commentary, analysis, and news accessible right from the home page. (Don’t worry, the old Insights link still works!).

What Hasn’t Changed?

We’re not changing the way we do things. WRI will continue to uphold its tradition of producing high-quality products based on rigorous research and analysis—both online and offline.

What’s changing is how we present those products. By creating a website that’s more navigable, informative, and user-friendly, we're making our resources readily available to the decision-makers that rely on them. In time, we hope our website will help inform, inspire, and expand our impact.

  • TELL US WHAT YOU THINK What do you think of WRI’s new look? Let us know in the comments section below.