While the rate of population growth in the world has slowed, there are still some 7.6 billion of us today and another 1 billion people expected by 2030. At the same time, living standards are rising in Africa, Latin America and large Asian countries. How can these countries grow sustainably while still providing citizens with enough food, water and energy?

A new global initiative funded by the Danish government and managed by WRI aims to forge innovative public-private partnerships to help countries address their sustainable development goals. P4G, Partnering for Green Growth and the Global Goals 2030, will incubate and accelerate partnerships that increase access to food, water and energy and improve living conditions in cities in developing countries.

Lawrence MacDonald interviewed P4G Director Ian De Cruz in the latest episode of the WRI Podcast.  They discussed the type of partnerships P4G will help forge, facilitate and fund.

Seeking New Public-Private Partnerships

Most immediately, P4G will provide facilitation and co-funding support to 5-10 partnerships, with awards ranging from under $100,000 to up to $1 million. P4G is looking for public-private partnerships that offer solutions that address sustainability needs in food/agriculture, water, energy, cities and the circular economy. Partnerships should offer unique business approaches and the potential to scale up and achieve market success in one or more countries. Interested partnerships can complete an online application until March 30.

Already the P4G initiative is working with national partners in Ethiopia, Kenya, Denmark, South Korea, Vietnam, Chile and Mexico, and collaborating with organizations such as the Global Green Growth Institute, C40 CitiesState of Green in Denmark, and the Kenyan Private Sector Alliance.