Green tariffs are a renewable energy solution in regulated electricity markets that allows customers to more easily access clean power. A green tariff is a price structure, or an electricity rate, offered by a local utility and approved by the state's Public Utility Commission that allows eligible customers to source up to 100% of their electricity from renewable resources. Through a green tariff, customers can purchase both the energy from a renewable energy project, at a large-scale, and the associated Renewable Energy Certificates, which can help them advance their overall clean energy goals and contribute to emissions reductions. 

WRI began compiling information on utility green tariff programs available across the United States in order to help more large customers access renewable energy. This work became part of the Clean Energy Buyers Association (CEBA) in March 2019 to support large-scale corporate access to renewables. Learn more about CEBA and find updated maps and data here

Green Tariff Map
Clean energy customers are transforming the electricity market one deal at a time. This graph explores the clean energy contracts signed by energy customers and monopoly utilities via green tariffs. This graph is updated by CEBA; to learn more visit CEBA's webpage on green tariffs.

The map above indicates where buyers can access renewable energy from their utility at scale. The map includes large-scale renewable energy purchasing options in different states, including green tariff programs and other utility and customer individual transactions (i.e., sleeved PPAs). Buyers can use the map to inform decisions on where to site new facilities, prioritize their renewable energy purchasing strategies and meet their clean energy goals. 

The map also compares each product to the Corporate Renewable Energy Buyers’ Principles and includes details from CEBA and WRI’s Emerging Green Tariffs in US Regulated Electricity Markets publication. The Technical Note describes the scope and analytical methodology for the renewable energy options identified in the map. 

Large-scale renewable energy buyers are transforming the electricity market one deal at a time. Our interactive graph explores the renewable contracts signed by large-scale energy buyers and monopoly utilities via green tariffs. The chart includes only transactions that have been executed. The Emerging Green Tariffs in U.S. Regulated Electricity Markets publication identifies the full list of available green tariffs. 

These resources combined give a comprehensive overview of how and where large-scale energy buyers can use green tariffs to access clean energy. CEBA continues to leverage this knowledge from WRI to advance corporate clean energy procurement.  

For more information about our work on this topic, visit our pages on CEBAClean Energy for Large Buyers, Electricity Market Design, and Power System Reform

Photo by: Richard G. Hawley