The Forum for International Green Industry (FIGI) is a platform linking international policies and initiatives with a focus on U.S. industrial decarbonization. The Forum covers international efforts of interest to the U.S. related to cross-border developments in green cement and steel. It facilitates exchange of information and increased communication and coordination among international initiatives and the U.S. policymaking and industry landscape.

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  • Public Sector
  • Private Sector
  • Climate Club

These three maps show the global distribution of public and private participants in several initiatives intended to accelerate or support industrial decarbonization through international cooperation. By increasing international coordination between governments, industry leaders and businesses, these initiatives represent the types of efforts we seek to highlight with FIGI in order to help stakeholders exchange information, monitor developments and harmonize advocacy efforts to decarbonize the industrial sector.

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Cover image by Ben Garratt/Unsplash