The Ambition Loop paper, produced by We Mean Business, UN Global Compact, and World Resources Institute, illustrates where business leadership and strong policy measures have spurred additional investment and action by businesses, accelerating the transition to a prosperous zero carbon economy. It includes powerful examples of how public and private sector goals have aligned to create ambition loops.


With hundreds of businesses pursuing bold climate change solutions and countries updating national climate plans in advance of 2020, the opportunity for greater ambition abounds.

More and more businesses are seeing opportunity in the zero-carbon economy, and taking action on climate change. Increasing commercial demand. Bold commitments to zero carbon electric power, zero carbon vehicle fleets, and zero deforestation. Increased business investments in climate solutions. Each sends a strong signal from business to government in support of ambitious climate policy.

Governments must use this as a strong vote of confidence and advance ambitious policies that provide companies with the clarity and confidence they need to unlock further investments in climate solutions.

This is the “ambition loop”—a positive feedback loop in which bold government policies and private sector leadership reinforce each other, and together take climate action to the next level.

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Eliot Metzger, Senior Associate, World Resources Institute,

Photo credit: Simon Williams/Flickr