Join us on April 23 at 9 AM EST | 3 PM CET for an insightful discussion on how the world can transition from a “take-make-waste” economy to a circular economy – and in the process tackle climate change, protect biodiversity and promote equity.

During this webinar, participants will gain valuable insights about the six key shifts needed to promote a circular economy:

  • Use recycled, reused and renewable materials and components
  • Make production more resource efficient
  • Decrease overconsumption
  • Use products longer
  • Increase the quantity and value of resources recovered at end of use
  • Minimize environmental and social harms in resource extraction

The webinar will serve as a "Circular Economy 101," offering practical insights and actionable strategies for any individuals or organizations interested in promoting more sustainable economic models. The virtual event will also feature practical guidance on accessing rigorous datasets and visuals from the Systems Change Lab site to underpin your research, craft compelling PowerPoint presentations, write articles and more. 

Whether you're a policymaker, business leader, researcher or environmental advocate, this webinar offers a unique opportunity to deepen your understanding of the circular economy and equip yourself with the resources needed to drive meaningful change.

Ample time will be left for participants to ask questions and determine how best to utilize Systems Change Lab to advance their work. 

Register now and join us for an engaging discussion and interactive training session.