Planning Principles for Full Fleet Electrification from World Resources Institute (WRI)

Fleets across the United States are electrifying at a rapid clip, spurred by local and state goals and public and private investment in electrification. Many public purpose fleets, which we define as any fleet that provides a service to the public and is financed in part by taxpayer dollars (including but not limited to public transit agencies and local, regional, state and federal government fleets), have set ambitious electrification goals that will require a concerted, thoughtful effort to successfully reach.

Existing plans, guides, and studies on fleet electrification devote most of their attention to concerns about vehicles and fleet operations, such as BEV availability and the financial and operational impacts of new charging infrastructure. In a series of interviews and a literature review, WRI’s U.S. Energy team focused on efforts to achieve full, mature fleet electrification in the long term, which brings in various other considerations, such as grid and utility considerations.

This webinar will go over the key takeaways from this endeavor and will feature expert speakers who will share their experiences and insights around fleet electrification.



  • Ian Goldsmith, U.S. Energy Research Analyst, WRI
  • Joseph Womble, Research Analyst I, WRI
  • Lori Bird, Director, U.S. Energy Program and Polsky Chair for Renewable Energy, WRI
  • Ewan Pritchard, Subject Matter Expert, Energetics
  • Diana Kotler, CEO, Anaheim Transportation Network
  • Brent Taylor, Assistant Commissioner – Fleet, New York City Department of Citywide Administrative Services

Cover image by Mario Sessions/Unsplash