Energy buyers are expressing more interest in 24/7 carbon-free energy (CFE) — tracking their energy load temporally, shifting their demand, and purchasing CFE on an hourly basis to match their usage. Currently available energy technologies like wind, solar, and battery storage can help buyers advance a significant portion of their CFE goals. New energy technologies that can operate around the clock, provide seasonal storage, or have different hourly output profiles can also play a role in helping customers meet these goals.

This webinar, the fifth in a series of WRI-hosted webinars on 24/7 CFE, will highlight a few key emerging technologies that could help buyers achieve a 100% hourly match of their demand. The webinar will feature representatives from Fervo Energy, an advanced geothermal energy project developer; Long Duration Energy Storage Council, a non-profit working to decarbonize the energy sector through long-duration energy storage; and AES Corporation, an electricity supplier. Presentations from the speakers will be followed by a Q&A session with the audience.


  • Sarah Jewett, Director of Strategy, Fervo Energy
  • Julia Souder, Executive Director, Long Duration Energy Storage Council
  • Erica Engle, Vice President of Structured Origination, AES Corporation
  • Andrew Light, Clean Energy Specialist, WRI (Moderator)

Additional speakers to be announced

Thumbnail image by Andres Siimon/Unsplash