Tackling the world’s greatest challenges – limiting warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, halting biodiversity loss and building an equitable economy – will require rapid transformations across nearly every major system. To protect both people and the planet, we will need to transform how we power our economies, grow food, build cities and conserve nature, alongside implementing cross-cutting transitions in political, social and economic systems.

The Systems Change Lab open-source data platform serves as a virtual situation room to track global progress across these major systems. Join us on October 12 for an interactive training to learn how to use the Systems Change Lab data platform to find research, analysis and data visualizations. This session will feature an in-depth platform demonstration where attendees will learn where to navigate to find and download data, explore interactive visualizations, and gain insights through case studies and system deep dives.

Attendees are encouraged to ask questions and request demonstrations during the training.



  • Introductory Remarks: Cathline Nagel, Product Manager, Systems Change Lab 
  • Platform Demonstration: Tappan Parker, Outreach and Engagement Lead, Systems Change Lab