Monday, May 9

A Guide to E-Buses in the Global South 

The objective of the workshop is to increase engagement from cities in Africa, Asia, and Latin America to join the action towards the electrification of public transport. The TUMI E-Bus Mission coalition partners offer a broad support for stakeholders at city administrations, transport authorities, private and public transport operators, investors, and financing institutions planning and implementing e-bus adoption. The workshop will present an overview of the approach and specific offers and opportunities to join.  

Time: 8:00am EDT 


Organizer(s): C40, ICCT, ITDP, GIZ/TUMI, WRI 


  • Aparna Vijaykumar, Program Manager, Electric Mobility, WRI India
  • Oscar Delgado, Center Manager & Latin America Lead, ICCT 
  • Mircea Steriu, Statistics Manager, UITP 


Tuesday, May 10 

Transport Policies for Sustainable Growth 

The transport sector is an important pillar for social development and economic growth in Africa. Yet, in most countries, it heavily depends on fossil fuels and is often the second largest emitter of greenhouse gases. Aligning transport, energy, and climate policy while using financial resources in the most efficient way can make the sector a lever of sustainable growth and prosperity.  

In this High-Level Panel, Ministers of Transport from Morocco and Ethiopia and government representatives from Lagos and Cairo will discuss the opportunities and challenges of a sustainable and low-carbon development of Africa’s transport sector. The Panel will address how the transition to a sustainable low-carbon transport sector can support social and economic development in Africa, what investments and policies are needed, and how collaboration among African countries and with international partners can support a climate-compatible growth of the transport sector. This event will be in French and English. 

Time: 6:45am EDT 



  • Moderator: Iman Abubaker, Urban Mobility Project Manager, WRI Africa 
  • Mohamed H. Khalil, Ministry of Housing and New Urban Communities, Egypt 
  • Abimbola Akinajo, Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (LMATA) 


Data and Digitization for Better Mobility Workshop 

Data and digitization can play a key role in strengthening access, enhancing efficiency, reducing emissions and increasing resilience of transport systems. It opens up new ways of understanding transport needs and provides the basis for sound solutions, planning, and innovation. The session highlights different use cases of transport data from the perspective of a government authority and of the private sector. It illustrates how data can be collected and made available as a public good and serve as the basis for new digital tools, business models, and a lever of more inclusive, attractive and efficient mobility. This event will be in French with English translation available. 

Time: 10:40am EDT 

LocationOnline - Register for this workshop here 

Organizer(s): GIZ, WRI, DigitalTransport4Africa 


  • Emmanuel Bama, Project Manager & Co-founder, Data Transport 
  • Esthelyne Dusabe, Urban Mobility Specialist, WRI Africa 
  • Karamoko Camara, CEO & Founder, Ewarren Financial Services 


Thursday, May 12 

Common Challenges, Joint Solutions: Multilateralism for Climate Action in Transport

Half a year after several transport initiatives have been initiated at COP26 in Glasgow, we discuss how decarbonization partnerships of countries may help ramping up climate action in mobility. Join the event and witness panelists debate if joint partnerships and joint declarations are the key ingredient to successful decarbonization or if they are perhaps being used to gloss over lacking ambition.

Time: 3:30am EDT 

Location: Berlin, Germany (IN PERSON)


  • O.P. Agarwal, CEO, WRI India
  • Jennifer Lee Morgan, Federal Foreign Office of Germany
  • Tanja Gönner, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
  • Christian Hochfeld, Agora Verkehrswende
  • Artur Runge-Metzger, Germanwatch e.V.
  • Kuki Soejachmoen, Indonesia Research Institute for Decarbonization (IRID)


Shaping Net-Zero Cities with Active & Public Transport 

The MobiliseYourCity Partnership will bring together its partners from Germany, France, the European Union and across the world in a high-level panel discussion on how to shape low-carbon mobility systems that contribute to efficient, safe and just cities. 

Time: 10:00am EDT 

Location: Berlin, Germany (IN PERSON)

Organizer(s): MobiliseYourCity Partnership 


  • Ben Welle, Acting Director, Urban Mobility and Director, Integrated Transport & Innovation, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities