The U.S. Senate is running out of time to enact a climate-focused budget package that could provide a more prosperous, secure and equitable future for all Americans. The clean energy tax incentives and climate spending under consideration could clean the air, create millions of good jobs, boost local economies, deliver energy cost savings and begin to put America on a path to greater energy security.

Join World Resources Institute on June 27 for a conversation with Sen. Tina Smith of Minnesota, a committed climate champion and relentless advocate for a climate-smart budget package in the U.S. Senate. The discussion will center around the state-of-play on Capitol Hill and the benefits of the proposed climate measures in a budget package.

Sen. Smith has been outspoken about why this package is more urgent than ever given the energy crisis inflamed by the devastating invasion of Ukraine, which has revealed how U.S. dependence on fossil fuels subjects American families to rising energy prices, and is a sobering reminder of how geopolitical crises can disrupt fossil fuel-based energy systems. She has also pointed out how the clean energy investments under discussion are an essential tool to reduce household energy costs today, while building a more secure energy system based on clean, domestic generation for the future.

The conversation with Sen. Smith will be followed by a panel discussion on how climate investments could deliver health benefits, cost savings and educational opportunities to our nation’s schools.

Featured Speaker:

  • Sen. Tina Smith, Minnesota

Other Speakers:

  • Ani Dasgupta, President and CEO, World Resources Institute
  • Christina DeConcini, Director of Government Affairs, World Resources Institute
  • Melissa Miles, Executive Director, New Jersey Environmental Justice Alliance
  • Laura Schifter, Senior Fellow, Energy and Environment Program, Aspen Institute
  • Tish Tablan, Program Director, Generation180
  • Dan Lashof, Director, United States, World Resources Institute (Moderator)