Climate change poses an unprecedented threat to companies’ operations, value chains, employees, and communities. The economic costs — including damage to facilities, disrupted operations and supply chains, and lost productivity — are already in the hundreds of millions of dollars, and expected to reach trillions.  

While voluntary actions to reduce emissions are important, only public policy can deliver reductions at the speed and scale needed to limit the worst impacts of climate change, making climate policy advocacy an essential element of corporate sustainability leadership. Some companies have stepped up, but others are struggling to match their climate goals with their lobbying activities. 

The business case for supporting climate policy is strong, and the current political landscape in the United States provides an immediate window to act. So why are we still seeing misalignment between companies’ sustainability and political engagement (government affairs) strategies in the U.S.? 

This online event will tackle this question and highlight how companies can meet the moment, realign their strategies, and champion federal climate policy in the United States.


  • Amy Meyer, Program Manager, Corporate Climate Advocacy, WRI  
  • Bill WeihlFounder & Executive Director, ClimateVoice 
  • Christina HermanProgram Director– Climate Change and Environmental Justice, Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR)
  • Hugh Welsh, President and General Counsel, DSM North America

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Webinar: How Companies Can Overcome Barriers & Champion Federal Climate Policy in the U.S. Graphic

Image credit: Darren Halstead/Unsplash