The ocean is a vital resource that supports humankind, underpinning the global economy, food and economic security for hundreds of millions of people around the world, and one acts as one of the largest carbon sinks. The importance of the ocean cannot be overstated, reaching into the lives of all people through the air they breathe or the food they eat, regardless of their proximity to the coast. Yet, the health of the ocean is in decline, with fish stocks falling, the ocean becoming more acidic, and ecosystems being degraded all under the growing pressure of climate change.

Access to data is critical to support policy makers, non-governmental organization and civil society act to restore and protect the health of the ocean. Without the stable foundation of healthy ecosystems, meeting many of the goals for equitable ocean economic development will not be possible.

This webinar will launch Ocean Watch, a new open data platform for the global ocean produced by the World Resources Institute, which provides a curated access to data to support users understand the often-complex interactions between land and sea and integrate stakeholders in the reducing coastal pollution. The platform will help foster a move toward policies rooted in integrated ocean management in line with the conclusions from the work of the ‘High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy (Ocean Panel)’.

Ocean watch graphic showing landscapes and ocean

Supporting this launch, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) International Resource Panel will present findings from their recent report Governing Coastal Resources: Implications for a Sustainable Blue Economy which presents opportunities for action that can help account for and reduce major land-based pressures upon coastal resources.

Time zones: 1-2pm GMT | 8-9am EST


  • Kate Wing, Founding Director, Intertidal Agency


  • Jonathan Baines, Manager, Ocean Watch, World Resources Institute
  • Steve Fletcher, Professor of Ocean Policy and Economy, Portsmouth University & Ocean Lead, International Resource Panel
  • Chris Corbin, Programme Officer, Cartagena Convention Secretariat
  • Jessie Turner, Project Manager, International Alliance to Combat Ocean Acidification


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