For two years now, World Resources Institute’s Better Buying Lab has taken an in-depth look at what works and what doesn’t when it comes to describing plant-rich foods in a way that appeals to broad swaths of the United States and British populations.

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Our early findings identify four kinds of language that restaurants and the food industry should avoid and three to embrace to sell more plant-based menu items.

Hear from Better Buying Lab Director Daniel Vennard and Senior Research Associate Jonathan Wise about their initial learnings, the research that's still underway, and how the Lab is working with food businesses to generate compelling names for the plant-based dishes they create and serve — names that highlight the 'Provenance,' 'Flavor' and 'Look and Feel' of the dishes. Scott Giambastiani of Google will share how he's creating and using new language for food at Google and what benefits the company is seeing as a result.

This webinar included time for audience questions.


  • Daniel Vennard, Director, Better Buying Lab
  • Jonathan Wise, Senior Research Associate, Better Buying Lab
  • Scott Giambastiani, Food Service Manager, Google Inc.