Highlights of the Open Climate Network’s Fall 2016 publications on National Determined Contributions (NDCs) in key countries.

WRI’s Open Climate Network (OCN) hosted a webinar to explore Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) progress in key countries including. The webinar included a preview of OCN’s publications being released in fall 2016, followed by a Q&A session with experts. OCN experts offered high-level overviews of mitigation action in G20 countries, and deep dives on implementation priorities for Brazil, Mexico, US and other countries to be announced.

OCN brings together independent research institutes and civil society to track and report on their countries’ efforts to address climate change. In 2016 and 2017, OCN is releasing research on how key countries can overcome barriers to creating and implementing effective climate policies.

This was a free, online event.


  • Juan Carlos Altamirano, Economist
  • Katie Ross, Research Analyst
  • Arief Wijaya, Climate & Forests Senior Manager
  • Taryn Fransen, Project Director, Open Climate Network
  • Karl Hausker, Senior Fellow
  • Apurba Mitra, Associate
  • Viviane Romeiro, Climate Policy Associate
  • Ranping Song, Developing Country Climate Action Manager