World Resources Institute will be hosting a launch event for two new Greenhouse Gas Protocol Standards to inform government climate change strategies. The event will feature presentations on the new standards and a reception.

These important new standards can help answer some of the most fundamental questions facing our planet going forward:

  • Are countries on track to meet their climate commitments?
  • How effective are specific local or national policies to drive carbon reductions?
  • Will countries’ actions add up to limit warming to under 2 degrees Celsius?

Building on previous GHG Protocol standards, the Policy and Action Standard helps evaluate the effectiveness of specific policies or measures in achieving greenhouse gas emissions reductions, empowering policymakers and analysts to better assess and communicate their progress. The Mitigation Goal Standard takes a bigger picture view, enabling governments to determine their emissions trajectory and whether their policy portfolio aligns with reaching their climate goals. Both standards are applicable for all levels of government.

At the event, government representatives and other experts will reflect the far reaching significance of these new standards.

RSVP: Please email Max Frankel.