This interactive map tool shares information that can create dialog among water users from industry, government, and civil society in river basins worldwide. It does not attempt to identify risks to water quality from shale resource development, nor does it assess the oil and gas industry’s water management practices.

Dozens of countries around the world are deciding whether or not to develop their shale gas and tight oil resources. However, extracting these energy sources poses environmental risks, especially to water.

Drilling and hydraulic fracturing requires up to 25 million liters of water per well, meaning shale resources can be hard to develop where freshwater is hard to find.

The risks and impacts specific to surface and groundwater availability have been thinly documented to date. This tool and the associated report:

  • Identify priority locations worldwide where freshwater management will be most critical if shale is developed.

  • Reveal potential business risks associated with freshwater availability to companies and build the case for corporate water stewardship and early source-water assessment.