The CCS Regulatory Comparison Matrix 2.0 is an update of an earlier tool.

About the CCS Proposal Matrix

Color Meaning
Regulations/proposals are:
This issue is not addressed in either proposal/regulation.

The CCS Proposal Matrix is a tool that allows you to compare CCS regulations and regulatory proposals across a number of key issues. The matrix is not meant to judge the adequacy of various regulatory approaches or be a comprehensive study of various jurisdictions’ CCS-relevant regulations. It simply strives to compare CCS-specific regulations and regulatory proposals to each other to convey where key issues are managed similarly or differently and where they are not addressed.

How to Use the Matrix

Step 1: Select the desired CCS framework from the drop down menu.

Step 2: Using the colored legend as a guide, review a snapshot comparison of the various aspects of your selected framework with other evaluated CCS frameworks.

Step 3: Click on a colored cell to see more detail on that aspect of the comparison.


The matrix is a dynamic comparison, and we want it to evolve with the changing regulatory landscape. If you disagree with our analysis, have a different perspective, or if the matrix has helped you, please let us know.

Guidelines and Regulations

WRI’s CCS Guidelines U.S. EPA’s Class VI Regulations
Version referenced was published December 10, 2010.

Also see the EPA’s informational page.

EU Directive 2009/31/EC
Version referenced was published June 5, 2009

IEA Model Framework


This effort would not be possible without international and national expertise from our contributors and reviewers. We would especially like to thank Harvard Law School’s Emmett Environmental Law and Policy Clinic and Stanford Environmental Consulting.