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WRI Articles on How to Build Back Better Post COVID-19

  • Economic recovery after COVID-19 must include efforts to bring about a fairer, more nutritious, more sustainable and more resilient global food system.

  • The COVID-19 pandemic illuminates the need to build back better and create resilience to future crises, including the impacts of climate change.

  • The Republic of Korea has an opportunity to effectively address the COVID-19 crisis, while also becoming a climate leader.

  • The COVID-19 crisis has shown that effective public transport is vital to keeping cities running. Over the long term, public transport is one investment that can create jobs quickly while reducing carbon emissions, making roads safer and improving people’s access to their work and other opportunities.

  • This year, we aren't celebrating Earth Day in the way we expected to. WRI's President and CEO Andrew Steer reflects on what this day means during a global health and economic crisis, and offers five principles worth committing to.


WRI Articles on How to Build Back Better Post COVID-19