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An Interview with Andrew Steer, WRI's Incoming President

Yesterday, I accompanied WRI’s incoming president Andrew Steer over to E&ETV for an interview.

Andrew sat down with E&ETV host, Monica Trauzzi, to get his thoughts about next steps for an international climate agreement, the big sustainability issues of the day, the EPA’s recently proposed standards for new power plants, and of course Andrew’s transition from the World Bank to WRI. Andrew was very articulate across a number of issues. I was particularly excited about his thoughts on WRI and the role that we can play in addressing the big environmental and development challenges ahead:

The World Resources Institute has a really special role to play. It has a role, as I'm saying, to bring sort of an honest broker, world-class, analytical capacity to the table at a time when ideas that really will work and ideas that are based upon analysis are at a premium … We need to raise the game overall. WRI plays a very, very important role in this and because it's starting point is measurement, numbers, analysis, science, policy and so because of that, when it speaks, you know, it can have a really significant impact.

You can watch the full interview here.

WRI announced Andrew’s appointment last month. You can read the press release here.

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