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Aqueduct Floods

Aqueduct Floods is currently undergoing maintenance until May 2021. Please consult our methodology and hazard maps for any questions you may have at this time.

A New Tool for Measuring and Mapping Flood Risks Worldwide

As flooding increases around the world, decision-makers need tools and data to protect communities, target investments, and mitigate future risks. Aqueduct Floods measures and maps water-related flood risks around the world. It evaluates current and future risks of riverine and coastal flooding, taking into account the impacts that socioeconomic growth and climate change will have. Aqueduct Floods also allows users to conduct comprehensive cost-benefit analysis to evaluate the value of dike flood protection strategies.

Aqueduct Floods was created by a consortium of data partners, including WRI, Deltares, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam’s Institute for Environmental Studies, Utrecht University and Planbureau voor de Leefomgeving (PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency), with funding support from the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

For more information about Aqueduct Floods, please consult:

· The Aqueduct Floods Technical Note, which explains the background and methodology of the tool's data.
· The Aqueduct Floods Dataset page, where you can download the tool's data and hazard maps.
· The launch webinar for Aqueduct Floods, The Future of Flooding: Explore Risks and Opportunities.


For media inquiries or general Aqueduct inquiries, contact Marlena Chertock, Communications Specialist, Water Program.

For data-related inquiries or to provide feedback about Aqueduct Floods, contact Samantha Kuzma, Associate, Water Program.