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The Inflation Reduction Act and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law include funding for low-carbon, climate friendly projects across a wide variety of sectors, from electric vehicles and renewable energy to carbon removal, climate-smart agriculture, resilient infrastructure and more. Below, WRI outlines key climate investments in these laws across 10 different sectors. Each page includes a breakdown of funding and policies along with considerations and next steps for implementation.

Clean Power

Wind turbines.

Funding and tax incentives for renewable energy and legacy clean power technology as well as energy efficiency, weatherization and R&D.

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Platte River Power Authority.

Funding and programs that support updated transmission to improve grid resilience and increase renewable energy transmission.

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Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles charging.

Funding and tax incentives to support EV manufacturing and uptake as well as electrification of public and commercial transportation.

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Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric vehicles charging.

Funding and tax incentives to increase deployment of EV charging infrastructure and improve charging access throughout the U.S.

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Electric School Buses

Electric school bus charging.

Funding and technical support for states and school districts to transition from diesel school buses to electric school buses.

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Community Solar

Solar panels.

Funding and tax incentives to support increased deployment of community solar installations.

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Clean Hydrogen

Hydrogen tanks in front of wind turbines and solar panels.

Funding and incentives to develop and deploy clean hydrogen as a low-carbon fuel source at scale.

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Direct Air Capture

Direct air capture.

Funding and incentives to develop and deploy direct air capture technology and increase carbon removal.

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Lands, Agriculture and Resilience


Funding for programs which support resilient natural and working lands, including farms, forests, waterways and urban greenspaces.

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Climate-smart Schools

Children walking wearing backpacks.

Funding for energy-efficient school buildings, green school yards and zero-emission transportation.

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