Size: 170 meters
Key partner: City of Sao Paulo

Joel Carlos Borges Street connects São Paulo’s Berrini Train Station to the city’s central business district and accommodates thousands of daily users. Prior to September 2017, the street had narrow sidewalks that were unable to safely accommodate the heavy pedestrian flow (around 22.5 people per vehicle during peak hours).

As the central road to the transit station, this was a major safety hazard. The city decided to redesign Joel Carlos Borges to include more space for pedestrians, improve signage, lower speed limits, and add street furniture and green infrastructure. The narrow and run-down sidewalks now have an additional 3.5 meters in width, providing ample space for foot traffic.

Joel Carlos Borges Street, São Paulo

Widening sidewalks and narrowing vehicle lanes slows traffic and creates a more pleasant and safer experience for everyone. This new and improved “complete streets” design not only provides safer street standards, but also reminds drivers that pedestrian safety is crucial and should be top-of-mind when driving.

Joel Carlos Borges Street, São Paulo

This was the first temporary road intervention in the city and was well received by the public. The city is now considering similar efforts elsewhere.


  • After the intervention, 92% of the people interviewed considered that the street has improved in terms of safety and comfort.
  • In terms of road safety, 80% of the people interviewed feel safe on the street.

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