We are excited to announce that the DOEN Foundation will support the 15 African entrepreneurs chosen to participate in the 2019 Land Accelerator. Each participant will receive €3,000 (approximately $3,365) to cover essential costs that will help enhance their businesses that restore degraded land.

Addressing the early-stage capital gap for land restoration enterprises in Africa is a high priority for the Land Accelerator, and this direct funding is an important first step. The generous support from the DOEN Foundation helps ensure the participation of companies from across the continent, allowing for a more inclusive and diverse cohort.

These funding will help amplify the Land Accelerator’s impact by enabling the entrepreneurs to apply the lessons learned during the program. Businesses have also expressed interest in using the funds for marketing materials to attract customers, staff training to share knowledge from the Land Accelerator or organic certifications for outgrowers. These innovations could help companies focused on land restoration attract more investment in the future.

The DOEN Foundation supports initiatives around the world that are creating a greener, more socially-inclusive and more creative society. The foundation’s work includes special emphasis on circular entrepreneurship, sustainable food systems, innovative community initiatives and inclusion.

Bean farm in Kenya
Bean farm in Kenya. Photo by WRI.