How government, business, and civil society stakeholders can collaborate better to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

As the world seeks to fight the effects of climate change and meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030, transformative partnerships among government, business, and civil society sectors are more important than ever.


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“Incremental change is insufficient. Going it alone is inadequate. This report dives deeply into how these partnerships can – and indeed, do – make transformational change for a more just and sustainable world where less collaborative efforts might fail.”

Andrew Steer, Former President & CEO, World Resources Institute

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“Partnerships have the power to improve individual lives and global economies. The report offers valuable information to help organizations maximize their participation in partnerships for the SDGs.”

María Juliana Ruiz, ​First Lady of Colombia and Colombia’s UN Goodwill Ambassador for SDG 17

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“The challenge is not necessarily creating more partnerships but rather retooling these partnerships to accelerate their progress and success.”

Ban Ki-moon, President and Chair, Global Green Growth Institute, 8th UN General-Secretary

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“To achieve the Global Goals and address climate change, we need effective partnerships to turn transformative visions into reality.”

Amy Jadesimi, PhD, Managing Director, LADOL



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How Can Partnerships Accelerate SDGs?

While the power of multistakeholder collaborations is understood, there is a real opportunity to evolve the effectiveness of existing and future partnerships as they address the UN Sustainable Development Goals. By improving and transforming how sectors work together, progress will accelerate toward climate action and greater equity and justice in our world.

A Time for Transformative Partnerships illustrates the main characteristics of transformation, examines the contributions of government, business, and civil society stakeholders in partnerships, and identifies key success factors for transformative partnerships.

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Chapter 1: Introduction and Background

As the world confronts the challenges of a global pandemic, economic recession, and climate change, A Time for Transformative Partnerships examines how the potential of multistakeholder partnerships can more effectively to bring about transformative changes to help achieve the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Chapter 2: What is Transformation in the Partnership Context?

Learn how partnerships can accelerate SDG action by better aligning their vision and design to the three main characteristics of transformation.

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Chapter 3: Partnership Stakeholders: Contributions and Cautions

Explore the key contributions of government, business, and civil society stakeholders in multistakeholder partnerships for the SDGs.

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Chapter 4: Success Factors for Transformative Partnerships

What are the most important success factors for partnerships with transformative ambitions? See what our research found and how to apply this knowledge to new and existing partnerships.

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