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This paper provides quantitative evidence to help investors better understand and measure the financial impacts from water shortages in the thermal power sector, drawing on data and analysis of Indian companies. It introduces a new methodology to estimate the water shortage-induced impacts to earnings on five Indian thermal power companies from FY 2014-2017. It also uses outputs from climate models to analyze potential future changes to water availability in India, which could increase the risk of water shortages.

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As WRI's CFO, Steve Barker often fields questions on how WRI invests its endowment sustainably. The short answer is that we integrate sustainability across our entire portfolio. A new commentary by Giulia Christianson and Ariel Pinchot offers a more nuanced explanation for our approach — and describes how we got here.


Sustainable investing is the new black: essential, ubiquitous and a subject of forward-looking discussion. But this is no passing fashion. What was once a niche investment approach is becoming mainstream, and WRI is learning the nitty-gritty of it through its own endowment journey.

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A new report by the World Resources Institute and The Nature Conservancy (TNC) reveals that businesses around the world are making money by planting trees, unleashing a growth opportunity for venture capital, private equity and impact investors. The research indicates the restoration economy is at a tipping point.


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