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energy access


This paper introduces the methods and data used in Energy Access Explorer – an online, open-source, interactive platform that uses satellite imagery and local data to visualize energy supply and demand in East Africa, equipping electricity planners, investors and clean energy entrepreneurs with the data they need to close the electricity gap.


Advancing demand-driven solutions for affordable, reliable, clean energy to power sustainable development around the world.


A mapping platform to connect affordable, reliable and clean energy to sustainable development solutions for all.


Local Kenyan entrepreneurs are developing profitable energy access businesses, but these investable opportunities are a blind spot for impact investors. At this workshop, WRI and SEforALL’s People-Centered Accelerator will showcase the investment opportunities in local clean energy enterprises and host a discussion on broader solutions to their investment needs.


African entrepreneurs are developing innovative solutions to address development issues in a climate challenged world. At this World Bank Civil Society Forum side event, WRI, the Wallace Global Fund and DOEN Foundation bring together a panel of experts to discuss the challenges faced by these entrepreneurs and the ecosystem changes that must take place to create change at scale.

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It’s easy to see which households are connected to the grid, but regulatory commissions and utilities often lack information on supply interruptions, voltage levels or blackouts. It's a big reason so many Kenyans don't have reliable power.


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