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As cities recover from COVID-19, smart investments and policies on resilience can create a triple dividend: helping cities boost their economies; improving equity; and preparing communities for inevitable climate and health threats.


As 2020 began, the question of whether and how countries would strengthen their commitments under the Paris Agreement loomed large, driven by a global youth climate movement and a growing recognition of the urgency to keep temperature change below 1.5 degrees C. The sudden arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic greatly complicated this task, consuming the attention of national leaders and senior officials.

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The COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis is likely to push tens of millions of people into poverty -- and this is only a preview of how the climate crisis will threaten human well-being. Yet we have all the means needed to take a better, safer path.


Join a group of prominent representatives from Brazilian government and business, WRI Board members, and WRI Brasil to discuss the recently released report, A New Economy for a New Era: Elements for Building a More Efficient and Resilient Economy in Brazil. We will be discussing how a green COVID-19 recovery could deliver a stronger economy for Brazil at home, and a competitive edge abroad.


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