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Depending on how the international carbon markets rules are structured, Article 6 of the Paris Agreement could help countries achieve their climate commitments or let them off the hook. Here’s what you need to know.

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Join a press call with WRI experts on what to expect at COP25, both within and outside the negotiating halls. Andrew Steer, Yamide Dagnet and David Waskow will discuss the most consequential and contentious negotiation topics like Article 6; how COP25 relates to stepping up climate efforts in the year ahead; and how countries, businesses, cities and others are responding to both the climate crisis and civil unrest stemming from social inequity.


This paper provides quantitative evidence to help investors better understand and measure the financial impacts from water shortages in the thermal power sector, drawing on data and analysis of Indian companies. It introduces a new methodology to estimate the water shortage-induced impacts to earnings on five Indian thermal power companies from FY 2014-2017. It also uses outputs from climate models to analyze potential future changes to water availability in India, which could increase the risk of water shortages.


As of July 2019, 23 major banks have made sustainable finance commitments. This technical note presents a framework for interpreting and comparing the commitments using information published by committing banks. The framework focuses on aspects of the commitment design, accountability, and transparency, as well as the portfolio context of the banks.


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