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Green Office Space

WRI began including environmental principles into the design of our work spaces in 1999, when our (then) only office moved to 10 G Street in Washington DC, where it remains today. Today we have seven offices in five countries around the world, and incorporating environmental and human health aspects into our office spaces remains a focus to support WRI’s mission and provide beneficial places for all of us to do our work.

Currently, over 60% of WRI’s staff work in a LEED certified space.

U.S. Office

The U.S. office is located in a commercial building that was re-certified LEED Platinum in 2016. The building includes a green roof, which provides green space for staff, supports storm water management, and reduces building energy use.

In addition, in 2016, WRI completed a recent interior renovation project that achieved LEED Silver in 2017. One key energy savings feature of the renovation is a reduction of lighting power by 36% through the use of LED fixtures, daylighting, and occupancy sensors. In addition, the renovation will include electric sub-meters that will track actual energy usage by zones. These meters are an opportunity to engage staff and visitors on the energy consumed in daily operations, such from workstation equipment and electric lighting. Other features of the WRI office renovation include the following:

  • Diversion of about 95% of construction waste from landfills (i.e. reused or recycled)
  • 90% of work stations and offices have access to natural light
  • A minimum of 20% of new wood materials are Forest Stewardship Council certified
  • Use of Energy Star certified, energy-efficient appliances and equipment.

To request a tour of the green office space at the U.S. Office, please fill out our contact form.

China Office

WRI’s office in Beijing, China is a LEED ID+C: Commercial Interiors Gold certified project. The LEED rating system, developed by the U.S. Green Building Council, is one of the foremost programs for buildings, homes, and communities that are designed, constructed, maintained, and operated for improved environmental and human health performance. The office renovation, completed in 2014, is certified for incorporating environmental features into the design, including:

  • Initial siting for the office space to ensure access to public transportation
  • Highly efficient lighting figures that reduced power consumption by 46 percent
  • 100% Green Guard Certified furniture while reusing 70 percent of the furniture from the old office to limit toxic emissions

The project team also prioritized staff health by including an extensive office air-purification system to combat Beijing's air pollution.

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