Thacien MUNYAMAHAME is the Community Coordinator for Global Restoration Initiative. He both joins and creates discussions with the constant aim of supporting the people and organizations on the front lines of restoration. He connects the most important partners: people who engage in land restoration work.

Prior to joining WRI, Thacien worked as YALTA Initiative Program Manager and Regional communications coordinator. He coordinated the implementation of project activities by supporting young agripreneurs to apply agroecological principles and to co-create networks around them. This initiative contributes to the increased sustainability of food systems and youth employment in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda. Thacien equally facilitated the communications activities including agroecology story map development, social media management and stakeholder google groups.

Thacien is a master's candidate in Environmental Economics and National Resources management and he holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the Faculty of Agriculture of the National University of Rwanda. Previously, Thacien served as Country Network Facilitator for AgriProFocus Rwanda. His responsibility was to facilitate the implementation of network activities for both online and offline activities with the aim to make agribusiness work for development in Rwanda.

Thacien believes that nothing is impossible when he has the will, courage and a good plan. In his spare time, Thacien is a big Fan of playing and watching football matches.