As a Senior Associate at Sustainable Finance Center, Shuang Liu leads the Center's work on China finance and the Belt and Road Initiative. With governments, private financial institutions, NGOs and other partners, she works to enhance the regulatory framework and provide enabling conditions, to shift China's investment to sustainable finance.

Prior to WRI, Shuang directed Low Carbon Economic Growth Program and Long Term Strategies Taskforce at Energy Foundation China. In this role, she oversaw the development and implementation of the foundation's strategies on climate mitigation and economic transition. The portfolio she constructed and maintained covered research and convening activities to advise the Mid-Century Strategy development process, national and regional carbon markets design and practices, fossil fuel subsides review and reform, as well as green finance frameworks. Shuang has worked at Greenpeace East Asia, where she developed Greenpeace's first coal campaign strategy in China. The True Cost of Coal report she worked on, with leading economists, environmental groups, generated many discussions with the striking finding of external costs of coal in China. Shuang has also worked for consulting firms, to assess greenhouse gas mitigation opportunities for private sector clients and government agencies.

Shuang holds a Master's degree in Environmental and Resource Economics from University College London and a Bachelor's in Economics from Peking University.