Rezky is a Climate and Energy Senior Analyst at WRI Indonesia. Throughout his career, Rezky has showcased a passion for driving impactful change in the climate space.

At WRI Indonesia, he led the development and execution of research pipelines and policy recommendations, collaborating closely with global and regional teams. His expertise spans techno-economic studies on key topics like industrial decarbonization and just energy transition. Before joining WRI, he worked as an advisor in Renewable Energy and Electrification Programme (REEP) at GIZ. In his role, he began fostering partnerships with the government, responsible for energy sectors, and state-owned electricity company.

Rezky acquired a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Power Engineering from Institut Teknologi Bandung and a Master's degree in Environmental and Resource Economics from Australian National University, bringing a unique blend of technical expertise and economic insights to address complex sustainability challenges. Beyond their professional achievements, he brings a well-rounded perspective shaped by his personal interests in marathon running and SCUBA diving.