Radost Stanimirova is a GIS Research Associate for the Land & Carbon Lab. She contributes to developing geospatial statistics and machine learning methods to map drivers of deforestation, and to monitor land use and associated carbon fluxes across the world.

Before joining WRI, Radost was a Postdoctoral Associate on the Global Land Cover Estimation project, which mapped 21st century global land use, land cover change, and vegetation productivity. Previously, Radost was a NASA Earth and Space Science fellow at Boston University where she used econometrics, machine learning, and remote sensing to assess the sensitivity of global pasturelands to climate variability and to quantify agricultural expansion and degradation in southern South America. Before graduate school, Radost was as a Research Staff Assistant at the International Research Institute for Climate and Society where she facilitated in-region capacity building workshops in Spanish on using remote sensing products to create financial instruments (e.g., index insurance) for smallholder farmers.

Radost holds a B.A. in Environmental Sciences from Barnard College of Columbia University in New York, NY and a Ph.D. in Earth and Environment from Boston University in Boston, MA.

In her free time, Radost likes to travel, hike, and spend time with her family and friends.