Maggie Gonzalez is the Natural Infrastructure Initiative’s new Research Analyst II. Maggie will be conducting economic analysis of green infrastructure options for a variety of our projects, starting with the Forest Resilience Bond and a new project with the US Forest Service in West Virginia.

Prior to joining WRI, Maggie worked on a wide range of social and environmental projects through an economic and environmental perspective. Most of her work focused on Mexico and Latin America, though she also studied abroad and held internships in Ghana during her B.S. in International Relations and Economics and carried out research on watersheds in the UK during her MSc in Ecological Economics. Her main areas of interest are water resources management and sustainable agriculture. She’s conducted market research on sustainable cocoa production and shea; researched the benefits of green infrastructure on water quality in a watershed in Mexico; restructured a business model for a water purification system in rural Chiapas; and contributed to Conservation International’s Water Forest project in Mexico City.

Maggie loves being in the outdoors riding her bike, though she also appreciates the healthy dose of chaos and vibrancy that is found in city living.