Maggie is a Project Manager for the Global Restoration Initiative of the Food, Forest, and Water Program. She also works directly for Initiative 20x20, a country-led effort aiming to bring 20 million hectares of degraded land in Latin America and the Caribbean into restoration by 2020. Maggie previously worked on WRI’s Water team where she conducted research on Nature-based Solutions in Latin America and the Caribbean. Maggie has a wide range of experience working on projects with a particular focus on sustainable agriculture, integrated water resources management, and nature-based solutions. She is passionate about advancing win-win solutions that ensure ecological and economic benefits for key stakeholders.

Prior to joining WRI, Maggie worked with farmers on water rights transactions for the benefit of streamflow’s and fish habitat through the Washington Water Trust; conducted research on the cost-effectiveness of agricultural mitigation measures for reducing phosphorus and nitrogen loads in loch Leven, Scotland; and was based in Mexico City for 5 years where she worked with various socioenvironmental non-profits, including Conservation International, Cantaro Azul, and Value for Women, with field work in Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Colombia, and Bolivia.

Maggie holds an M.Sc. in Ecological Economics from the University of Edinburgh, a B.A. in International Relations, and a minor in Economic Development from San Francisco State University with a year of study abroad at the University of Legon in Ghana.

Maggie loves exploring new places, whether they are large vibrant cities, smaller rural towns, or rivers and mountains in the outdoors. She also enjoys riding her bike, listening to live music, and gardening.