Kevin is GIS Associate for TerraMatch at WRI Africa. In this role, he will support TerraFund progress verification protocol development, the execution of verification roll-out across TerraFund projects, and lessons sharing. He will build project developers’ skills on how to interact with geospatial data and provide technical assistance.

Prior to joining the Restoration Team, Kevin worked for WRI as GIS Technical Assistant for the Central Africa Forest Initiative, supporting the WRI Cameroon office. In this role, he supervised the forest atlas platform for Cameroon, supporting training for government, civil society, and researchers on use of WRI’s forest monitoring tool.

Kevin holds a master’s degree in cartography, remote sensing and geographic information system applied in sustainable regional planning from the university of Yaounde I.

In his spare time, he loves designing flower lawns and vegetable gardens. He also enjoys playing, chatting, and coaching teenagers.