Dr. James Wangu is a Food System Transformation Associate in Africa at World Resources Institute (WRI). He is a sustainable and inclusive development enthusiast, who is passionate about food systems transformation in the region. At WRI, James plays a central role in research and development of the food program that seeks to transform regional food systems via four interlocking objectives:

  1. Produce nutrient-dense foods.
  2. Protect natural ecosystems from agricultural conversion and degradation.
  3. Restore degraded ecosystems and increase productivity.
  4. Reduce food loss and waste.

Previously, James coordinated and facilitated a knowledge creation and learning network of international development professionals from 10 sub-Saharan Africa countries with a focus on inclusive and sustainable land governance and land-based investments. In 2020-2021, he developed a curriculum on the global food systems for the Washington DC based Leland International Hunger Fellows Program at Congressional Hunger Center.

James holds a PhD in International Development from Utrecht University, the Netherlands, and MSc in Sustainable Development - Environmental Science, from the same university. His PhD research assessed the contribution of inclusive agribusiness to smallholder households’ food and nutrition security.