Guliver Terada is a Project Analyst at WRI Brasil. Develops and executes activities related to project management processes in the organization. It also acts in the creation, development and implementation of new tools and methods based on the best project management practices, in order to increase the efficiency of the deliveries by the teams.

Before joining WRI Brasil, he worked as a Systems Analyst for two years at W3K Tecnologia, a company that develops solutions for project management and electronic document management, and was an Electronic Engineer at Teikon / HT-Micron (as an associate), working for six years in the area of research and development with semiconductors and memory storage devices for computers. Both companies are headquartered at the Tecnosinos center, in São Leopoldo-RS.

Guliver has a degree in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in Electronics / Telecommunications from UTFPR (Curitiba-PR), has a Specialization in Electronic Manufacturing from UNISINOS (São Leopoldo-RS) and an MBA in Project Management from FGV (Porto Alegre-RS).