David Pérez-Barbosa is a Mobility and Road Safety Advisor for WRI Ross Center based in Bogotá, offering technical support on data analysis on road safety and urban mobility projects, which include evaluations for establishing interventions and design recommendations for safe speeds.

He previously worked as education and research support staff in Hiroshima University in Japan and Javeriana University in Colombia, and also as a road safety data analyst at the Secretariat of Mobility in Bogotá.

David got his bachelor degree in Civil Engineering from the National University of Colombia in 2009, and degrees of Master of Engineering and Doctor of Engineering from Hiroshima University, Japan, in 2014 and 2017 respectively. In Japan he researched health-related quality of life and transport-based social exclusion.

His preferred hobby is practicing triathlon, which involves running, cycling, and swimming. He has finished Ironman 70.3 distance 3 times already, and is looking forward to participating in the next challenge. He also enjoys cycling at a leisurely pace when commuting, and hiking and being in contact with nature as much as possible.