Cemil Oğuz joined WRI Türkiye as an urban planner in August 2021. In early 2022, Cemil transitioned to his current role as Manager of Urban Mobility for WRI Türkiye.

In 2012, he started his professional career as a project associate in transportation master planning and became a project manager. Between 2014 and 2018 he worked as a real estate appraiser. During this time, he prepared different type of real estate appraisal reports according to Capital Market Board legislation. He resumed his career in real estate as a manager preparing specialized real estate reports for third party companies’ real estate portfolio management. He took part in business development activities related with developing property tech products in a client-oriented role.

Cemil holds a B.S. in Urban and Regional Planning from Istanbul Technical University, completed the ERASMUS program in Urban and Regional Planning from University of Sassari and has an M.S. in non-thesis MBA program in Istanbul Bilgi University. He has completed the Big-data and Business Analysis Expertise program by Istanbul Technical University in December 2020.

Cemil is a scuba diver and skydiver.