Alyssa Curran is a Research Analyst with the Electric School Bus (ESB) Initiative's finance and equity teams. Alyssa provides strategic, research and data support to the team to promote the ESB Initiative's mission of equitably electrifying the entire fleet of U.S. school buses by 2030.

Alyssa formerly worked as a Research and Administrative Specialist for the Electric School Bus Initiative. Prior to joining WRI, Alyssa worked as an Election Administrator with the City of Wyoming in Michigan. Additionally, Alyssa has interned with EveryLibrary as an Event Coordinator Intern and the Trade Commission of Peru as a Data Intern.

Alyssa holds a BA in Economics and Political Science from Pace University in New York City, where she graduated with honors in December 2019.

In her free time Alyssa enjoys traveling and reading. Alyssa lives in Washington DC with her roommate and their plants.