Every year WRI examines which issues will have the biggest impact on people and the planet in the coming 12 months and presents them as our Stories To Watch.

In this episode of WRI’s podcast we hear from WRI President and CEO Ani Dasgupta discussing the Stories for 2022, which cover net-zero commitments, the energy transition from coal, climate justice, deforestation, the danger of future pandemics and the decarbonization of transport. Why does he think we should be looking at these questions and not others?


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Ani Dasgupta, President & CEO, WRI

"The world has really shifted from making commitments to outcomes. How do we convert these commitments to actual action on the ground? If you look at the stories we have chosen, each one of them is about figuring out how this transition can work. It’s not just the headlines; each story looks under the hood of the headlines and asks what other stories we should be thinking about. How can we make choices that can get us in the right direction?”